Social responsibility

Social responsibility in the field of real estate development is an integral aspect of the activity affecting the interests of a significant number of persons involved in the implementation of the development project.

The influence of any construction on its surroundings is undeniable, and the impact, depending on the scale of the project being implemented, can be either insignificant or significant.

Areal-Property strives not only to develop its business but also to contribute to the development of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai, realizing the entire responsibility to society. Each decision of the company is evaluated from the point of view of not only business but also social significance. The company believes that today a successful business cannot exist separately from society and its problems.

Implementing social programs in partnership with leading non-profit organizations, we believe that our willingness to unite resources, share experiences, and support social professionals will help make this world better for us today and for our children tomorrow.

Future champions of figure skating

Shine of skate blades, graceful movements and spectacular costumes – children's competitions in figure skating came to the end in Vladivostok. 

Good deeds of Areal-Property

Children's figure skating competitions are held in Vladivostok from 21 to 23 March. The residential complex Marinist is a partner of this event.

Areal-Property provided assistance to the charity fund for the development of children's sailing "Sails of Childhood"

Yachtsmen of Primorye fought for the cup of the yacht club "Seven Feet" for the 18th time. Neither calm nor gusts of the wind prevented the crew from proving themselves worthy. Representatives of the company Areal-Property awarded prizes to the participants who took the first places and also helped the charity fund for the development of children's sailing "Sails of Childhood" with the purchase of equipment for young yachtsmen.

RC Marinist sponsored the Third Open Children's Aikido Festival

Everyone knows that sport is the key to good health for many years. The residential complex Marinist sponsored the Third Open Children's Aikido Festival which was attended by 170 young athletes from 4 different Aikido organizations of Vladivostok and Blagoveshchensk.