Location on the map

Total area:

47 380,1 m2


65A, Aleutskaya str., Vladivostok

Year of implementation:


Site area: 9 868 m2

Residential area: 24 246,7 m2

Parking area: 12 779,9 m2

Number of apartments: 364


Downtown, perfect quality and a thought out to the smallest detail level of comfort.

Novatoria is a Comfort+ class residential complex in the centre of Vladivostok. These are three stylish buildings on a single stylobate, a large landscaped guarded courtyard and an underground parking with elevators leading right from the apartments. Modern minimalism with a stylish combination of textures and geometric shapes was chosen for Novatoria. The natural colours of the facades organically integrate the residential complex into the environment, and the stylobate structure emphasizes the landscape of the territory.
The residential complex is designed with the usual 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments with a separate kitchen, as well as euro-format apartments with a spacious kitchen-living room. Smart layouts in the residential complex are though out in such a way that bedrooms are not adjacent to elevators, standpipes and corridors, and 2 bathrooms are provided in larger apartments. Novatoria presents three types of finish: free layout, white box pre-finish, and fine finish. Each of the three buildings is commissioned entirely in a single finish. All of the apartments in the complex are equipped with glassed-in loggias.
A substantial advantage of the RC Novatoria is its location near the sea. Most of the apartments offer panoramic views of Amur Bay.