Novatoria residential complex — new quality of management

It takes a lot today to surprise Vladivostok with elite housing projects but the ongoing Novatoria residential complex project already now strikes with its uniqueness and scale, exclusive architectural solutions and systematic approach to creation of maximum comfortableness for its future residents.

Aleksandr Shmidt, director general of Areal-Development LLC tells us about new quality of management, advanced services and high living standards in the Novatoria residential complex.

— Aleksandr Sergeevich, we have not yet seen the Novatoria residential complex in all its glory and the developer is already establishing a management company. Why did you refuse from third party services although there are seemingly enough property management companies in Vladivostok?

— Indeed, there are enough property management companies in our city, with their reputation varying in a broad range. Novatoria is a high-tech building with elaborated utility systems, advanced fire safety system of latest design, high level of automation and many of these solutions are unique for Vladivostok’s residential complexes. That’s why still at the construction stage a strategic decision was made to set up a management company in order to be able to fully formulate and execute technical regulations for operation and maintenance of all systems from the very first day. While watching activities of the company operating the Marinist, a showpiece housing facility of Areal-Development, we identified important areas for improvement of quality of operation and maintenance and more close communication with residents. We are proud that we have managed to create the Marinist complex such as it had been conceived – an aesthetic facility, convenient for living and with many innovative features. This is our principal task – creation of a highest-level comfortable environment for residents rather than construction only.

Quality of construction, effective management

— The Marinist has become a real decoration of our city with its style, noble forms, finishes and color schemes. Its surrounding territory is landscaped, there are original benches and shrubs, its inner yard is very nice, and everything inside its buildings is beautiful as in a fairy tale, its equipment is ultramodern and its technologies are the most advanced ones.

— We also like it very much and are interested in maintaining a positive image of our project. Operation of such housing facility as the Marinist needs special attention. In our opinion, the most correct decision today would be establishment of a management company to operate both the Novatoria residential complex and other high-tech property items constructed by Areal-Development and other developers.

Novatoria is magnificent views on the city and Amur Bay, spacious yard/park occupying an area of more than 5,500 square meters without any vehicles and with authorized access only.

Practical experiences show that if a management company starts operating a house even before its commissioning, the required level of operation and maintenance will be ensured. Its personnel consider the house’s utility systems from the viewpoint of operation and simultaneously familiarize themselves with all specific details. The establishment of a management company at the very beginning of Novatoria construction allows for maximum in-depth knowledge of the project, understanding of all its details and specific features, and provision of a highest level of services after commissioning of the facility.

— Is this sufficient to undertake management of a building?

— Of course, this is not sufficient to become an effective company. That’s why we made some additional work and assessed all capabilities before establishing a management company. We consulted well-reputed Moscow experts having experience in managing both residential complexes proper and administrative buildings with shopping spaces. With this specialist assistance, we developed a management company model and now know exactly how many employees will be needed, their level of qualification, and with what third parties we will have to work together.

— Is it difficult to set up a property management company from scratch?

— We registered our management company Areal-Comfort in May 2021 but this is a starting point only. We plan to become a resident of the Vladivostok Free Port Zone, in which case the company will be able to avail itself of relevant tax benefits and special administrative regulations. This, in turn, will make the final tariff for residents more attractive.

Areal-Comfort – a new approach

— The name of our management company is “Areal-Comfort” and incorporates the key principle of our work – provision of comfortableness to our residents in all aspects relating to the residential complex. From the moment of buying an apartment in our house, the buyer should know that he/she will be provided perfect services in line with the specified living conditions.

— What new options will Areal-Comfort offer to Novatoria residents?

— We will provide the whole cycle of services on residential complex management varying from maintenance of high-tech utility systems to solution of standard household issues such tap repairs in an apartment. The management company will ensure reliable operation of the Smart House system by means of which residents can operate various options from any place of the world via a special mobile phone application.

Novatoria is technology-intensive comprehensive approach to provision of comfortableness and security to residents.

Upon installation of this special application, every resident will be able to monitor meter readings and make remote payments, communicate with the management company, see what happens in the children’s playground or parking area using video surveillance system cameras access to which will be available via the application. If somebody rings your on-door speakerphone, your telephone will operate as a “video speakerphone” and, seeing your welcome guest, you will be able to open the door in the process of laying the table or enjoying a glass of wine.

And delivery services and repair teams will be able to order via the application a “guest pass” for entry to the residential complex premises.

— It looks like space technologies…

— …Which can be available to anyone who likes and appreciates comfortableness in everything of which our life consists. Even in daily routines. Although, it does not seem to be a routine when the entrance gate to the parking area automatically opens before a tenant and from this heated parking area he can easily get by an elevator to his cozy apartment in bypass of bad weather outdoors.

Client services up to highest standards

To make Novatoria’s operations faultless – from engineering aspects to software – we set up a system of client services. Perhaps, this is one of key innovative components in activities of Areal-Comfort management company. Client services will professionally and responsibly ensure comfortable living conditions in the house. The key task of personnel will be interfacing with residents. We intend to handle all issues relating to household needs of apartment owners without delay and with high quality not by electronic services only. We refuse from doorkeepers in favor of a more advanced service of client managers which greatly simplifies communication with residents, enhances the level of trust and quality of residential complex management.

Each application from residents will be electronically registered and its progress will be tracked online. Not a single application will remain unaddressed and everyone will see how work on his/her application proceeds. A specified period of time will be assigned for each task and this time will be sufficient for notification of relevant concerned parties and correction of the situation. We will test these novelties and expect that Novatoria residents will be impressed with quick response to their applications.

— Where will you get so many professionals to bring all this to a perfect condition? There is a shortage of high skilled workforce everywhere.

— We have already established an engineering control service which will ensure reliable operation of utility systems and monitor their performance. We will outsource other issues. This applies first of all to cleaning services. There are not so many professionals in Vladivostok who provide services to residential buildings because there has been no demand for such services as yet from residential complexes. Still, we have found the best candidate. This company has been operating for many years in the market and they successfully proved themselves as professionals in cleaning services for office and administrative buildings and trading complexes. Work in residential spaces will be new experience for them and another innovative solution for Areal-Comfort management company.

Novatoria is a Smart House, professional management of the residential complex and maximum of comfortableness for most exquisite taste.

We will be doing our best to ensure a high level of comfortableness for Novatoria residents such that nothing would distract them from their family, work, public activities or hobby. This is an essential aspect because our audience is energetic and successful people who need vigor for implementation of their more global plans. The high standards of Novatoria’s living environment, maximum number of interesting and functional solutions already incorporated in our management company are completely in line with their life style.

If you wish to live comfortably, you are welcome to Novatoria residential complex!

01.07.2021 04:25