Wainbridge and Areal-Development change approach to development

A landmark event occurred in Vladivostok’s real estate market in January 2021 as Areal-Development and Wainbridge, an international development company, signed a partnership agreement for joint implementation of the Novatoria residential complex project.

The Novatoria residential complex, jointly handled by Areal-Development and Wainbridge in Vladivostok, will include a building consisting of apartment units with interior design. This is a new housing format for Vladivostok, that’s why Wainbridge, an international company with ample experience in sales of finished real estate items in business, premium and deluxe class projects, was engaged to supervise works on this building. The area of responsibility of its experts includes both updating of the designer code of apartments and improvement of the building’s qualitative characteristics: improvement of its space planning solutions, development of entrance space interiors, onsite supervision of work quality and execution.

“Apartments with interior design are an unusual offer for Primorsky Region but we see that potential clients show interest in such offer. In this connection, we decided to make one of Novatoria’s buildings fully tenantable just after delivery of keys to its tenants,” says Aleksandr Shmidt, director general of Areal-Development. “In order to create a high-level product, we engaged an international team from Wainbridge with their expertise both in project development and onsite supervision. With their assistance, Novatoria will become a unique project for Vladivostok in terms of well-thought approach and quality of implementation. Construction works are already in process and, in parallel, we elaborate apartment finishes. These intended modifications to finishing solutions will not affect construction progress and scheduled commissioning date of the residential complex. We will do everything in line with the schedule specified in our project declaration and even try to perform ahead of schedule.”

The Novatoria residential complex is under construction in downtown Vladivostok and comprises there the buildings of a modern architectural style with a varying number of stories designed by Studio-T.A. Architecture. The project site is located on the shore of the Amur Bay and offers splendid views: a panoramic view of the city and waters of the bay will be available from the windows of apartment units. Building B and C will offer to buyers the open plan apartments in shell condition. Apartments offered to buyers in Building A, in work on which the Wainbridge team is engaged, will be with finished interior design. There will be several finishing styles and the buyer will be able to select the most suitable option.

“Primorsky Region has great potential both for quantitative and qualitative growth in construction industry,” says Babur Diker, CEO of Wainbridge in Russia. “Our team is focused exactly on qualitative changes in Vladivostok’s real estate market. There are no projects here at this time offering apartments with high-class and designer finishes. Our objective is to change this situation and demonstrate that modern development is much more than floor area meters enclosed in concrete. We offer to our future residents not walls but a comfortable space ready for accommodation created by experienced designers. What is important, our approach completely precludes never-ending repair works after delivery of apartment keys.”

International development company Wainbridge handles projects all over the world. Each of its projects offers a complete designer solution. Thus, its experience in implementation of interior finishing solutions contributes both to international and local expertise. During last two years, Wainbridge commissioned, in Moscow alone, the “Fili-Park” Club House of business class with turn-key ready apartments and in December 2020 it delivered to owners fully tenantable apartments in SOHO+NOHO towers with premium-class finishes. Wainbridge currently handles in Moscow its largest project – the AQUATORIA residential complex in Leningradskoye Shosse with its own waterfront. This project includes 851 apartment units with four interior finishing solutions, with special showrooms arranged for demonstration of each option. Wainbridge creates interior designs for each of their projects through employing industry leaders and giving consideration to modern trends and basic scenarios of the lives of future residents.

About Wainbridge

Wainbridge is an international development company providing a full package of services in development business, investment and asset management. During 13 years of operations in the international market, Wainbridge has implemented more than 30 projects in the most prestigious locations across the world ranging from London to New York. Its total asset value exceeds 4 billion USD of which 45% is housing projects, 22% is commercial spaces and 33% is hotel assets.

Wainbridge’s global marketing expertise essentially strengthens its local experience in each country and allows for use in its projects of new solutions greatly surpassing available market solutions.

Wainbridge currently runs 5 international offices and continues expanding the geography of its presence.

22.01.2021 04:24